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Corporate Website

Companies and organizations deliver the best possible information to stakeholders through their corporate websites. As your IT strategic partner, we can work with you and help think through your corporate branding strategy, a UX design to achieve your goals, and a UI design based on branding and marketing strategies. We provide a one-stop service capable of handling strategy, design, development, product launch, and maintenance.


Key For Success


Branding and Marketing

When it comes to developing a corporate website, branding and marketing strategies play key roles. You must adapt your messaging to the stakeholders you seek to reach, such as job applicants, investors, partners, employees, and consumers. Because the website has more messages to deliver, you are likely to gain a consensus among multiple opinions from multiple teams within your organization.


The messages to be delivered on the website must come from you. We help you make that happen by guiding you through the steps to take and pointing you in the right direction.


Keeping Information Up-To-Date

There are various types of content on a corporate website, and the frequency of updates and the person in charge is different for each type of information. For example, items such as news, press releases, and blogs are updated often. Career information is updated once a month, and there are certain types of information that are rarely updated.


For frequently updated content, we recommend that you make your life easier by using a content management system (CMS). You can choose between wide customization using an open source CMS, or develop your own original CMS to fit your requirements. When it comes to developing a corporate website, open source CMS is often not only sufficient but reasonable and easy to work with.


Internationalizing the Website

As you have probably noticed, our website is provided in multiple locations and languages. The master design and structure are standardized, but designed to yield enough flexibility based on the assumption that some of the menus and content should be different depending on the location and language. Websites that target multiple locations have multiple patterns for the website structure. For this reason, you must consider aspects such as common and uncommon content and permissions that need to be edited when you design your website.

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