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Website Design & Development

Monstar Lab undertakes projects for the design and development of corporate sites, brand sites, funding pages, campaign sites and various other websites.

We are a technology company with around 400 developers worldwide (including domestic and overseas developers), but our strengths also lie in planning, UX/UI design and visual design. We propose website structure, information design and artistic/graphical design to match our client’s needs and goals, and can also offer a consistent service for the development and operation of websites after the design phase is completed.

CMS (Content Management Systems)

For corporate sites and other such websites, keeping the site content up-to-date is important. Monstar Lab offers design and development services to create CMS designed with our clients’ operational setup in mind.

Supported CMS:
– WordPress
– Drupal
– Joomla!
and more

Please consult with us regarding other CMS, or concerning the construction of original CMS.

Smartphone Support

A large number of access to websites are via mobile devices nowadays, with a few exceptions of some corporate sites. Furthermore, judging by the current situation in which the presence or absence of a mobile site is reflected in mobile search rankings on Google and other search engines, we can see that mobile/smartphone support is becoming almost an essential necessity for websites.

At Monstar Lab we consider mobile-friendly website design to be important to avoid lessening the user experience for users accessing sites via mobile devices, and offer recommendations with regard to this from the initial stages of site design and development.

You have ideas, We have solutions.