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Planning & Design

Project Planning

Planning is key in making any consumer-oriented mobile apps and web services a widespread success. Although continuous improvement activities following the creation of services have come to hold more significance in recent years as methodologies such as agile development and lean startup have become more widespread, insufficient planning and design during the initial phases can inflate costs incurred during the development and operation stages. At Monstar Lab, we utilize our experience of developing and operating new IT services for over 500 client companies, as well as our own services, to suggest plans for achieving our clients’ business goals in the shortest possible timeframe.

Idea Planning

When you wish to refer to eternal ideas and knowledge about what kind of service you should create, please consider using our Idea Planning service. We propose service planning ideas based on your business goals and assets, as well as competitor surveys and market trend research.

Service Planning

Based on planning documents supplied by our clients, Monstar Lab proposes service designs (including specific, concrete functionality) to match its clients’ objectives; such as increased user acquisition or achievement of sales targets. We also offer services such as creation of specific UI screen illustrations, screen transition flow diagrams and mockups that can be used in the pursuit of increased usability for users. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to our UI/UX service page.

Our Work

You have ideas, We have solutions.