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Mobile Games

Monstar Lab has a dedicated division that specializes in the development of mobile games, offering services that utilize our comprehensive capabilities, encompassing everything from planning and design to development, sound and actual operation. To date we have handled the creation of numerous large-scale game titles.


When developing mobile games, it is important not only to formulate entertaining ideas that will touch the hearts of users, but also to develop plans in a calm and level-headed manner, and with a view to how the game will work at the time of actual operation. At Monstar Lab, our experienced planners—who have worked on various projects, from small-scale, casual games to major titles—support our clients in the creation of the most highly entertaining games.


Monstar Lab’s professional team works to improve and enhance users’ overall gaming experience, from UI/UX design and the production of 2D and 3D illustrations to in-game sound. We also accept single orders for illustration-only work.


We have a fully-functional organizational setup for carrying out the development of large-scale titles. We are also constantly incorporating the latest techniques and technologies, and attempting to improve the efficiency of our development processes.


Monstar Lab’s game directors have helped contribute to improving sales for a variety of game titles. Based on detailed data analyses, our directors propose various measures and improvements to game specifications.

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