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Planning & Design

Market Analysis

Overseas Market Analysis

This service is aimed primarily at customers who are considering expansion into overseas markets with IT services. We particularly specialize in support for companies seeking to expand into the Japanese and Chinese markets. In some regards, the hurdle for foreign expansion in the fields of mobile apps and web services is not particularly high. However, of course, the ultimate goal is not overseas expansion itself. What is important is the achievement of business goals and objectives in the target market. While there are some cases in which products, services or sales strategies that have succeeded in one country can be transferred and applied directly to other countries, there are also sure to be cases where this cannot be done. In order to identify clearly and specifically what kind of localization is necessary for a particular region, Monstar Lab formulates and proposes hypotheses for your company’s expansion based on market research, targeting, positioning and competitor analysis.

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

After identifying the distinguishing features and strengths, etc., of our clients’ products and services and assessing their target markets, we classify them in accordance with customer needs (segmentation) and clarify the segments that will enable our clients to effectively utilize their strengths (targeting). Based on these segmentation and targeting activities, we then consider the value of our clients’ products and services and how best to appeal to customers with regard to that value (positioning).

Particularly in the field of IT services, there are many cases in which the key to successful marketing lies in online marketing activities, and test marketing with respect to multiple segments can now be carried out with comparative ease. Monstar Lab makes proposals that show awareness of current marketing trends and channels such as these.

Market Research & Group Interviews

Based on the segmentation and targeting activities described above, Monstar Lab validates its hypotheses by conducting surveys of actual target customers, group interviews of people who closely match the target profile, and so on.

Competitor Analysis

To obtain an edge over competitors, it is very important for customers to feel that one’s product or service has greater value than those of one’s competitors. Monstar Lab analyzes what kind of position our clients’ services currently occupy in comparison with competitors in the same marketplace. In cases where competitors currently have a lead, we analyze and propose how our clients should go about constructing a superior position for themselves in the marketplace.

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