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Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development and Web Services

Mobile App DevelopmentMonstar Lab’s greatest area of expertise is in the planning and development of high quality mobile apps and web services. Monstar Lab offers a one-stop service that covers all aspects of mobile app development for enterprises. Therefore, be it for the iOS or Android platforms or both, Monstar Lab is able to provide you with a solution.


Want to build an app to meet your business goals? Monstar Lab is your ideal mobile app development partner. Below details each step of our mobile app development process, how we excel and why you should choose us.

Mobile App Development Planning

We at Monstar Lab are meticulous at what we do. To start, our experienced Project Managers will understand your business goals and your vision to achieving that goal. Thereafter, we would combine both business and technical perspectives to propose our solutions to you. Our planning is comprehensive. It includes the initial stages of app development to post-development launch to market, marketing plans and app maintenance.

UI & UX Design

Our in-house UI/ UX team in Monstar Lab stays constantly updated to the latest design trends. Using Monstar Lab’s unique methodologies, our team can create high quality designs while meeting our clients’ schedules. Whichever design elements you need, our designers will perfect it to ensure a seamless navigation experience. Thus, this allows your web or mobile app to solve your users’ problems with greater ease. Our experienced team means that you can be assured of exceptional UI/ UX quality that gives your users the best experience.

Mobile App Development

For 11 years, Monstar Lab has successfully completed the development of more than 900 mobile apps and web services. We constantly adopt the latest and most efficient technologies and fine-tune our workflows to achieve the highest levels of development quality. Thus, by choosing us, you can tap into our wealth of experience working with clients which include large global brands.

Furthermore, we offer a Time & Material pricing model that enables flexibility in pricing and app development needs for our clients.

Operation & App Maintenance

Moreover, Monstar Lab features amazing flexibility in terms of operations and maintenance after the completion of mobile app development. We offer contracts that are catered for aggressive user growth, to smaller-scaled contracts that uses minimum development resources.


Why Monstar Lab?


Mobile App and Web App Specialists

We have built both mobile apps and web apps for large corporates, famous brands and for a wide range of industries. No matter which industry your business is in, our mobile and web apps specialists can help you build the app you need. We specialise in building enterprise-level apps, as well as mobile and web apps for new business units for corporations.

Global Team

Monstar Lab is a truly global team, we have 16 offices across 8 countries worldwide, with a team of 800 talented developers. Thus, by working with us, you can tap into our global experience of working with clients worldwide and have access to lower-cost mobile app developers from strategic locations.

Your App Ideas, We Develop

Tell us what features you would like in your mobile app and we will build those features for you. We have experience working with complex APIs, payment gateways, cloud features and the latest app features. We can also integrate your new app to your backend system, do data migration, do market research and localize your mobile apps to new markets.


We have been in the web and mobile apps development business for 11 years and completed over 900 projects worldwide. We assure you confidentiality for your development project, service reliability, timely delivery and security for your data.

Contact us!

In today’s business world, a mobile app opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your business. To achieve this, you need a dedicated mobile app development team. Since we have been in business for 11 years and we are a global company, we have completed projects from a large number of sectors and a wide gamut of features. Therefore, with Monstar Lab, our streamlined processes, flexible billing model and talented team can help you scale your business forward.

In conclusion, Monstar Lab is able to scale your business and help you achieve your business goals. Want a mobile app developed? Talk to us today.

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