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Services in the travel category include the following:

・Accommodation-related services
・Transportation-related services

Here we introduce the main features and unique points of each service type.

Local Information Service

Information Site
The simplest form of local information service is a specially customized site for one-way communication. This kind of site focuses on organizing information to ensure that users can reach the information they are looking for as quickly as possible, as well as configuring CMS to emphasize the latest updates.

Review Site, User Contribution (Consumer Generated Media – CGM)
In order to implement features such as user comments, ratings, sorting by ratings and dates, and searching, there are many cases in which development is kept consistent with the scale of the site. However, to ensure that users will continue using the service, it is essential to take into account policies for using different features, as well as marketing plans.

Examples of CGM type:
・Yelp (restaurants)
・TripAdvisor (hotels, flights, restaurants)

Accommodation-Related Services

This type includes systems that provide information on hotels in combination with hotel reviews and reservation services, as well as independent systems for hotel chains. The main focus is on designing a UI/UX that allows users to easily find the accommodation that matches their preferences and smoothly complete the booking process.

Examples of Accommodation Service Type
・Hilton Honors

Transportation-Related Services

This type includes services that provide information and help book flights, services that can search train and subway routes, or in some regions, services that let users call taxis or private vehicles.

・Grab Taxi

Other Types

Recently, many new types of services that serve a wide range of users have emerged, and these services have created their own unique competitive advantages in the travel industry. For example, there is Airbnb, which supports the sharing economy and marketplace, as well as Couchsurfing, which allows travelers to interact with each other.

Travel-related services can be roughly divided into the above types, and there are many services that have already settled into their competitive position. In the future, services offered in the same field will need to emphasize the positioning strategy in order to compete. Not only can we assist you with UI/UX design and features development, we can also work with you to craft the most suitable business strategy.

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