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News apps and/or media can be divided broadly into three types: unique, independent media; curation-type media, which manually edit and display articles from multiple media sources; and summary-type media which automatically gather information from various sources using a computer algorithm.

With apps that display news to match the user’s tastes or interests, it is common to have the user select categories that are of interest to them when registering their initial user information, and then to deliver news relating to the selected categories.

Recently, there have also been many services that incorporate social media elements by means of commenting functionality, or E-commerce elements such as those that enable users to purchase related products directly via the app or service.

News Curation System
At Monstar Lab, we have a system that “curates” news content relating to a specific field from among large volume of information on the Web. Using this system, we can develop news curation sites in comparatively short time, and at relatively low cost. Please feel free to inquire regarding the use of this system.

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