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Health & Fitness

The health & fitness category encompasses a range of services, including dieting / weight loss apps; apps that record training progress; apps that allow users to learn about new training methods; sleep management and dietary management services. There are many apps that focus primarily on functions such as continuously recording and managing various health-related information, and it can be said that overall UX (user experience) design, and the design of mechanisms that will encourage users to make use of these apps on a continuous basis, are very important to the success of such services.


When developing an application in the health & fitness field today, it is always wise to consider the provision of services via wearable devices. Wearable devices are smarter than so-called mobile devices, and—by nature of being literally “worn” by the user—are more capable of measuring things such as daily behavioral data without the user being consciously aware of them.

Data Utilization
In health & fitness the key to providing successful services (although it is not something that applies only to this field) lies in effective utilization of data. In addition to basic information such as height, weight and age, data utilization in the health & fitness field has now expanded to include utilization of training data and vitals such as heart rate, etc.; in health management, preventative medicine and recommending physical training programs. As wearable devices become more familiar and commonplace, they will enable more and more people to measure different kinds of data during a range of activities. This information will surely become useful as so-called Big Data in the high-accuracy, targeted provision of services in the future.

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