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Education & Learning

The central focus of consumer-oriented educational apps is on learning services utilizing the unique characteristics of apps that are capable of a variety of different movements. To encourage continuous learning, by incorporating features such as interactive movements and gamification (game-design elements in non-game contexts), IT has now become an indispensable tool in the world of education. The introduction of IT services such as electronic blackboards and dedicated SNS to real-world educational settings (such as classrooms) is also progressing.

Learning Apps

When it comes to language learning apps and other applications that enable users to learn casually via their smartphones, design is extremely important in making users want to continue using them on a daily basis. In addition to basic design elements such as UIs that enable intuitive use with no hesitation, good operability and speed of movement, stimulation of the user’s motivation to continue learning through gamification is also an important factor.

Learning Services that Utilize Video Content

Due to advances in network technology and other such developments, the speed and quality of both video recording/playback and streaming playback are improving dramatically. As they do so, learning services that utilize video content and that can be used conveniently on mobile or tablet-type devices, are also experiencing growth.

The crucial point for such services surely lies in their design, which determines what kind of value that they will offer learners in addition to simple video playback; such as interaction between lecturers and students, or additional steps up to the next level of study.

The Value Offered by Monstar Lab

In addition to basic application design and development, in collaboration with our game division, we are also able to make proposals incorporating gamification elements, knowledge and expertise developed through our experiences thus far in developing a diverse range of applications. Until now we have already assisted major corporations in the development of multiple education-related IT services.

Our Work

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