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Industry Trend

In recent years, not only B-to-C retail businesses but also companies selling B-to-B (business-oriented) products are becoming involved in e-commerce business. E-commerce itself is also evolving, moving away from simple, web-based sites to creatively-designed sites, and sites that are specially designed for mobile applications, etc.

Types of EC

Many various types of e-commerce site exist; from those which sell own-brand products to online shopping malls

Online shops: B-to-C and/or B-to-B e-commerce shops
(e.g. Nike online shop)

Online marketplaces: Shopping-mall style e-commerce sites sites, in which various online stores open up shop in one large online marketplace.
(e.g. Amazon marketplace)

C-to-C commerce: Marketplaces in which transactions (i.e. buying and selling of goods) take place not between businesses and customers, but between individual consumers.
(e.g. eBay, Carousell, Mercari)


For simple e-commerce sites shops, it is possible to create an easy-to-use online shop quickly and easily using an existing open-source CMS. Examples of commonly used CMS include Magento, Shopify, WordPress and WooCommerce.
In the case of online marketplaces, the functionality needed to implement them becomes complex, so it is common to create them completely from scratch.

Important perspectives in E-commerce Business

Strategies for E-commerce sites can be created from various different perspectives, such as those shown below.

Sales = site accesses × conversion rate × customer spend
= new customer sales + existing customer sales
= average unit sales × number of products

Our Value

Monstar Lab supports the development of e-commerce sites from the perspectives of both business and technology, based on an understanding of its clients’ business goals, regardless of their industry or field of business. We offer one-stop support for everything from planning, and design to development and actual operation of e-commerce sites. Some specific functions are listed below.

– Product recommendations
– Issuing of coupons and points
– Customer management
– Data analysis
– Linkage with inventory management systems
– Linkage with payment settlement systems
– Linkage with logistics systems
– Linkage with POS
– Multilingual and multi-currency support

Our Work

You have ideas, We have solutions.