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Woman Infertility Health Info App

Cielo Design Company


About Client

The client “Cielo Design” was the main charge of this project, but the app was initially asked from Doctor who felt the needs of health care supporting application for women.

Key Challenge

Nin-katsu, an activity attempting to get pregnant is a very popular activity among Japanese women. However, there were not many applications available for the users to record the period of their menstruation, BBT(Basal Body Temperature, and so on to predict the date of next ovulation.

The client wanted our development team to use a new programming language: Go (Monstar-Lab BD usually uses Java and Angular)

The app was initially proposed from doctor and there is other company involved with this project, the structure made it difficult  to communicate with the client and meeting the requirements of all groups.


Monstar-Lab BD built a mobile application both for iOS and Android users so that user can store related info in app and get the info when it required immediately. We developed a platform for the Japanese women to be able to acquire helpful information about their pregnancy.


The application is designed precisely to match the user’s needs. It does not only record the period of menstruation and BBT, but also gives recommendations on which supplements to use, nearest clinics, and estimated diagnostic fees as well.

The app was released successfully on the day Client initially asked with all the functions and qualities they have asked.



Cielo Design Company

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AWS, Go, Swift, Java

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