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A Garbage Collector App




In Dhaka, the practice or culture is not in present through which people can manage the waste/garbage in a sorted way. What people do is to pack all types (glass, plastic, metal, electronics etc) of garbage together and they give it to the garbage collectors. Also, in this arrangement, the people do not get any insensitive and so many times they are reluctant to manage the garbage properly, they often throw away the garbage to the places (like roads, fields, drains etc) where they should not. 

So, the client (Garbageman) started the services to solve the problem. The service allows users to contribute socially by collecting garbage and also to get money by selling it.



The householder users make requests through our app stating the amount of sorted household wastage (plastic, glass, metal etc). The admin of garbage collectors gets notified through an admin panel about the requests made by the household people. Then the admin distributes garbage collectors accordingly. After that, the garbage collectors go to the households and buy those household wastage. As the household users ought to be getting insensitives, so they would not throw away wastage here and there, rather they would keep and sell those accordingly through which they would be contributing to a clean environment as well. 

So far, the app bridges the household people and the garbage collector. We have built an android app through which the household users make request stating the amount of different types of garbage. we have also built an admin panel through which the manager of garbage collectors gets notified about the household requests and they distribute the garbage collectors accordingly.

In future, we will gradually develop a garbage collector app and etc through which a comprehensive garbage collector management will be established. 


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