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Garage Reservation Service

Garage Reservation Service

Toyota Tsusho Corporation



Although here are many garages in Kenya, but there is little information gathered, and when repairing a car, it is common to call a garage by phone or bring a car directly.

In addition, the client who does the used car business is looking for a way to collect information about cars and repairs in Kenya.

Therefore, in order to investigate the possibility of garage search and reservation service, we decided to build a system necessary for the Proof of Concept (PoC) within a limited budget.


After deciding the overall system functional requirements, we released given set of the features every two weeks in agile development and get the client’s feedback from the early stages of development.

Thereby, we were able to flexibly respond to requirements that were not considered in the initial requirement definition by changing the priority of features.


We could implement the functions necessary for PoC within the budget while absorbing some requests during the development.

In the next phase, we will conduct the usability test with prospective users in Kenya to improve usability and verify the possibility 

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation

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