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Why did he choose Monstar Lab Bangladesh?

Blog 2019 / 07 / 17

Why did he choose Monstar Lab Bangladesh?

Hello, I am Moe, a 21 year old Japanese working in Monstar Lab Bangladesh as a Business Analyst.  

In this article, I asked Shahnewaz Leon to know how he found out our company, and why he chose us. 


Q. Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Shahnewaz Leon, I am currently working as a Technical Lead at Monstar Lab Bangladesh Ltd. I finished my graduation and post graduation from Jahangirnagar University in Information Technology. 

When I am not writing code or designing a software solution, I like to read about what’s happening in the technology world. I am a voracious reader and in my spare time I like reading about human psychology, philosophy etc. I also like watching cricket.


Q. What did you learn in the university?

In university my major was Information Technology. I mainly studied different aspects of building software like – algorithms, data structures, different programming languages and frameworks, designing efficient databases, operating systems architectures, software building processes, development management tools and technologies etc.


Q. How did you find the position in Monstar Lab ?

There was a recruitment notice for the position of Software Engineer in one of the local job sites; I was fresh out of a 3-month long professional training program from India and I applied for the job. After being selected in an initial screening test, I got a call for an interview with the then CTO, Hiroshi Mitarai and the CEO, Kazuki Nakayma of MLBD. I had participated in an introductory session taken by the CEO before that but that interview was the first time I had an opportunity to interact with them personally. The interview went quite well and I was particularly impressed by the clear vision that he had for the Bangladesh branch of the company which was yet to start it’s operations. The CTO asked some technical questions but it never got boring and intimidating, it was like an open discussion about my ability and whether I matched with the vision they had for the company. I was eager to start as soon as possible.


Q. Why did you choose Monstar Lab?

Since I was one of the first engineers of Monstar Lab Bangladesh , there wasn’t any information about their reputation among the local community or their future prospects. But an introductory session of Kazuki Nakayama san about the company’s profile and their vision of being one of the top Software Engineering companies in Bangladesh got me interested and finally through the interview session I got to know the persons responsible to build the Monstar Lab Bangladesh branch and I was convinced that this is where I wanted to build my career. 


Q. What do you do there?

I am a Technical Lead in the backend team, working mainly with Java based technologies. I also worked in php and node.js based frameworks. I work with clients and software architects to design software solutions catering to clients’ needs.


Q. How is your feeling there?

Monstar Lab Bangladesh is surely one of the best places in Bangladesh to work for a Software Engineer. Throughout my journey here I have made many friends, worked on and learned a lot of things. I really like the camaraderie and trust we have developed over the years. Each employee has a voice here and although there are certain roles for each person, it never feels like someone is superior to others. 


Q. In the future, what will you do there?

I would like to take more responsibility to take the company forward, want to serve more clients with excellent and unique software solutions. I want to work with and bake AI and Machine Learning into software to make them smarter and easier to use.


Q. Give a message to the people who are thinking about joining a company!

 For me the right place to work is somewhere where I’ll be progressively challenged and given the opportunity to learn and grow. The specific technology that I’ll have to work on doesn’t matter that much because the software design and development is an ever-changing landscape; what matters is that the company should have the right attitude and mindset to allow and create the appropriate opportunities for the employees to keep up with the industry standards and deliver the highest quality products.




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