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From Debating to Coding, a Story of an Engineer

Blog 2019 / 08 / 26

From Debating to Coding, a Story of an Engineer

Hello, I am Moe, a 21 year old Japanese working in Monstar Lab Bangladesh as a Business Analyst.

In this company, there is a debater who represented Bangladesh and I asked him why he chose Monstar Lab Bangladesh and plans for his future.


Q.Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Saad Bin Amjad, and I am a computer scientist by training, and a software engineer by trade. 

I love to travel around the world, meet people and talk about life. As a student of North South University, Bangladesh, I got the opportunity to do just that. I used to participate in debate tournaments across the world and won many speaking trophies both at home and abroad. 

Q. What did you learn in the university?

My education was mostly concentrated in Computer Science, and problem solving was the key theme in our education. We learned about various technological principles and tools those solve simple problems individually, but collectively they solve large complex problems. This philosophy enabled us to learn how to create applications for mobile devices, and develop websites to solve problems that exist in our day to day life.


Q. How did you find Monstar Lab?

I was working to build my final year project. My final year project was to create a digital menu, that allowed users to choose food items right from the menu. As I finished and was about to showcase that to my faculty members, my elder sister forwarded me a job opening post from a social website’s tech group. I submitted my CV, got called for a written test and then got selected for viva. It was in the viva, I got to meet CEO, Kazuki Nakayama and we had a brilliant talk regarding Monstar Lab and my career prospects.


Q. Why did you choose Monstar Lab?

I really liked the interview session. Given it was my first interview, both the CEO and CTO made me feel comfortable and allowed me to speak as much as I want. So once we started talking, I realised this would be a perfect platform that goes with my passion, ie going global and meeting and working with new people from diversified backgrounds. With Monstar Lab being a global network of awesome software companies, it didn’t take me much of a thought, but to say yes to their offer.


Q. What do you do in this company?

Currently my role in the organisation is that of a Senior Software Engineer. Not only I contribute to projects as a full stack developer (both backend and frontend developer), but I also manage small teams to complete various projects as per client requirements. In my free time, I code for the open source community and write tech blogs.


Q. How do you feel in this company?

I feel my job life is quite settled, yet it has the right mix of challenges every single day, that keeps me pushing to do better with each passing day.


Q. In the future, what will you do ?

I intend to lead large cross-cultural and functional teams by becoming a technical project director/manager, ie not only I get to speak to various clients but also be the perfect bridge for the developers.


Q. In the future, how do you want to contribute in this company?

I would like to be a part of Monstar Lab’s journey in expanding the business to newer locations, and in parallel create a process that syncs all the branches to a common development goal and standard, ensuring the culture of each branch’s uniqueness in approaching software development is still respected.


Q. Give a message to people who are thinking about joining a company!

Try to always make yourself visible, about who you are, what you love to do and what you have worked on during your university days. It can be done by being a part of any technological community, or building and contributing in small open source projects. This will boost your confidence to take up new challenges.  Always join a company that helps your career or passion to grow. Pick only that company whose vision is in line with yours.

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Comments from writer

His ability to speak in public is great. When we have a presentation in our company, he always talks to the audience in an easy-to-understand way. H always considers wide perspective and global scale when it comes to his presentation content. In the above part, I feel that his debate experience greatly helped him.

In addition, when he speaks in front of people, he has the power to involve the audience. By watching him speak in front of people, I also keep learning to to give speeches to a larger audience.

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