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About Us

Who we are

Your strategic partner in the field of IT

Technology has dramatically changed our world, putting consumers and users at the forefront, speeding up business development, and providing vast amounts of data for decision-making. It is and continues to be an era in which it is critical for businesses to embrace and use technology to build new ideas and to accelerate growth. Monstar Lab vision is to be a vital strategic IT partner to businesses around the world, helping them to leverage information technology to create leading products using a network of professional resources around the globe.

We do this by leveraging our own development bases spanning multiple countries, as well as by tapping onto a large world-wide partner network. We implement solutions through an integrated chain, from upstream processes such as strategy and planning, on to development and services marketing, and finally to growth. In particular, we have built up a management system and a product development track record that has met the high quality standards of leading clients in Japan. We welcome you to engage us, as a strategic partner, to discover IT technology and how it can enable your business.

Monstar Mission


The word “Monstar” comes from a combination of the French word “mon”, which means “my” in English, and the English word “star.” Monstar is meant to express the idea of a special star in the sky, particular to each one of us, at which each one of us gazes. As the world becomes increasingly immersed in a sea of goods and a vast amount of information, people’s experiences are becoming increasingly diverse. In this era of diversity, Monstar Lab aims to create an environment which ensures that the various talents, ideas, and works of art that would otherwise remain buried under conventional mass-market approaches reach people who will appreciate them. That is our mission at Monstar Lab.


Characterized by physical restrictions, traditional economies posed limitations on the availability and diversity of goods available to the public. In those economies, only goods that would be accepted by a large common group could go into circulation. However, the emergence the open world of the Internet has eliminated most of the physical restrictions (distance, time, space, and money), making it possible for an enormous amount of information and goods to be provided online while catering to different needs. The means and devices for facilitating access to and leveraging the Internet are constantly improving. We believe that diversity can reign with the use of ideas and technology in an open world. Technology is merely a means, but it has the potential to empower small organizations and individuals to change the world.

Monstar Style

Pursue creation and innovation

Challenge existing systems, seek out important problems waiting solutions, and be motivated to create new value.

Transcend borders

Internet and technology are without bound. Build global relationships and seek opportunities everywhere.

Be open and down to earth

Once you becomes immersed in a specific world, you are naturally tied to a commonly accepted rationale that creates restrictions. Always seek to remain open and down to earth.

Never be content

If you are content with who you are, you will never try to do anything more. Always remain motivated to explore and improve and tackle challenges.

Work as a team

There is a limit to what one person can achieve alone. However, when we work as a team we are able to draw upon a boundless joint strength. Always work together to build a good team in which each person respects the values and opinions of others.

You have ideas, We have solutions.